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I feel that I could benefit from counseling services, how do I begin?

Call our office at 740-689-6700. One of our friendly clerical staff members will be happy to gather some information from you and set up your appointment.  If you have insurance, be sure to have your card available when you place your call.  An appointment will not be made until all necessary information has been obtained.

What if I don’t have insurance?

River Valley Counseling does take “self-pay” patients.  Fees will be expected to be paid at the window prior to each appointment.  The following are our rates:

  •      Initial Session:         $110
  •      Individual session:  $95
  •      Family Session:       $100

Do you take Medicaid?

River Valley Counseling, LLC only accepts UHC Community Plan or CareSource.  We do not accept any other Medicaid.

Are you taking new patients?

There may be times when a therapist’s schedule is full. The therapist may not be able to accept new patients at that time. We will do our best to get an appointment for you with a therapist that is on your insurance plan just as soon as we can. However, there may be times when you may have a wait time of two or three weeks. We will let you know what to expect when you give us a call.

I don’t know if I need a counselor or a psychiatrist.

If you are looking for a doctor that can prescribe medications, then you need a psychiatrist.  River Valley Counseling does not currently have a psychiatrist on staff in our office.  However, if you feel that talking with a counselor could help you with a wide variety of issues (i.e. behavioral modification, addictions, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues, parenting, and many more), then we are here and ready to help.


How much will this cost?

If you have insurance, you may find out what your coverage is by calling the phone number listed on the back of your insurance card.  Let the representative know that you need to know your “outpatient mental health benefits” for an office visit with a counselor.  You will find out if a deductible applies, whether you have a co-pay or co-insurance, and how many sessions are covered by your policy for each year.  Because every policy is different, RVC is not able to quote exact costs to you over the phone.  We will let you know at your visit what we will be expecting from you based on what benefits are quoted to us, however, this is not a guarantee of coverage or payment.  If you need to know this information prior to your first visit, please call your insurance company so that you are informed prior to scheduling with River Valley Counseling.

Can I make payments or do I have to pay up front?

All co-pays are due at the window at the time of your appointment.  RVC also make a practice of asking for payment toward deductibles and/or co-insurance if they apply.  Since many of our clients have weekly sessions, this allows them to stay caught up on their bill.   Otherwise, it often makes it difficult for clients to have to pay for several sessions at one time if they are only billed once per month after claims are processed through insurance companies.

My spouse and I want marriage counseling.  What do we do?

Since all insurance claims may only be billed under the name of one patient, we must have an “identified client”.  Either spouse may call to make the appointment, but he/she will be the one under whose name the chart will be made.  That identified person will be the one to make and/or cancel appointments, etc.  If an authorization is required by your insurance policy, the authorization will be in the “identified client’s” name.

What credentials do your counselors have?

All therapists at River Valley Counseling have a master’s degree or higher.  They are all independently licensed in the State of Ohio, and have many years of experience.   They are licensed as either an LISW (Licensed Independent Social Worker) or LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor).

What ages are accepted for counseling services?

River Valley Counseling has therapists who can  see anyone age 5 or above.

I will be bringing in my child or adolescent.  Will I be in the session with him/her?

All minors must have a parent or legal guardian at the first visit.  After that, children/minors may be seen without a parent or guardian.  Depending on the age of the child and/or the issues beings treated, the therapist may or may not have you in every session.  Often, the therapist will meet with a parent/guardian for part of each session for younger children.  However, adolescent clients may be seen many times without parental involvement in the sessions.  Again, this depends on the requests of the client, parents, therapists, and the needs of the case.  Parents are always welcome to request a session or time during their child’s session if they feel it is necessary.  It is not our desire to leave parents or guardians out of the process.